Whataburger — a brand built on pride, care and love can last longer

Whataburger boasts a 70-year history and is more than a burger chain. Starting the business in Texas, Whataburger has stretched its stores across 10 states in the U.S. With millions of customers and employees, Whataburger ranked in the top three fast-food chains on the “America’s Best Customer Service” list from Newsweek for the past two years.

Whataburger Store (photo by gettyimages)

Whataburger’s iconic orange-and-white striped A-Frame buildings are in more than 370 communities in the U.S. market. Its corporate philanthropy stresses treating others with respect, serving high-quality products and investing in the community.

When COVID-19 was about to spread, Whataburger strived to serve its dishes to those working long hours and caring for their families at home. Although the situation was desperate, it rolled out curbside delivery and reopened the dining room.

“As families and communities adjust to the changes around them, we’re proud to continue to offer a warm meal,” Rob Rodriguez, a senior vice president and chief restaurant officer at Whataburger, said. “Above all, we are committed to a safe experience for our Family Members and guests.”

Whataburger’s “Student Success” program provides funds for students from pre-K to college. It designated $1 million in financial support to minority groups and local students. At the same time, the company supports employees to train leadership at Whataburger University so that their employees earn opportunities to develop their careers. Over the past 15 years, the Whataburger Family Foundation has awarded more than $7 million to 2,700 recipients, including employees and their dependents.

“We have been helping our Family Members build careers for more than 70 years,” said Pam Nemec, a senior vice president of HR and brand culture at Whataburger. “From internally promoting our very own brilliant minds to attracting ambitious outside talent, we are committed to providing competitive incentives and great career opportunities in the communities we serve. As a result, this generation of restaurant leaders is bringing Whataburger goodness to communities across the U.S. while embracing self-empowerment to build and tailor their own leadership paths.”



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