Humans of GBJ

Interviews with GBJ Alumni

As a journalist, building social networks is highly required. Networking is not only an essential tool in our career, but it also helps us find where the next opportunity will be.

“Humans of GBJ” consists of interviews with students and alumni from the Global Business Journalism program at Tsinghua University. We hope this interview can offer you more insights into the lives of GBJ members and develop a closely connected GBJ network.

Today, we will be sharing interviews with three outstanding GBJ alumni. Get ready!

1. Maria Rn 王思思 (Class of 2021, Canada)

Born in Colombia, South America, to a Chinese mother and a Colombian father, Maria was raised in a multicultural household, becoming fluent in Spanish, Chinese, and English. Maria is a recent graduate student from the GBJ program. She had many experiences in bilingual hosting and multimedia projects. She hosted programs such as “World’s Eye on Hunan” and “Maria’s Phoenix City Travel Diary.” During her internship, she conducted film projects to observe Hunan from a foreigner’s perspective. In Canada, she worked as a TV host for Vancouver Television and was also a CBC student Newsday Finalist.

During the GBJ program, Maria interned as a Communications Specialist with the United Nations Office for Procurement Services in Copenhagen, Denmark. From her experience in media and television, she has made the transition to communications work in the NGO sector and hopes to contribute her skills to create a better world.

Website: Maria Rincon

2. Natalie Meyer (Class of 2021, Australia)

Originally from South Africa, Natalie immigrated to Perth, Australia, with her family when she was young and fell in love with understanding the world through the lens of different cultures. Driven by her curiosity and professional ambitions, she traveled to over 50 countries, lived on five continents, and gained proficiency in three foreign languages (Mandarin, Japanese and Spanish).

She has been involved in the Australia-China community for the past 11 years. She has observed the nuances in the daily lives of Chinese-speaking communities through living in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Taipei. In 2021, she graduated as the valedictorian of Tsinghua University’s Master of Global Business Journalism. As an experienced bilingual (Chinese/English) emcee, she has hosted many events in Australia, Taiwan, and Mainland China since 2014.

For example, co-hosting the 2021 Australia China Business Council WA/Chinese Chamber of Commerce Australia’s Chinese New Year Gala held at the Crown Casino. She works for the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia as a general manager.

Website: Natalie Meyer

3. Heijin Lee (Class of 2020, South Korea)

Graduated with honors from Tsinghua University’s GBJ program in 2020, Heijin continues to pursue her Ph.D. degree at Michigan State University. Before joining the GBJ program, she received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Chinese Foreign Affairs and Commerce.

Aside from her educational achievements, Heijin is also an influencer, communicator, and researcher passionate about understanding the world via media. She is a Kuaishou content creator, having more than 42 million subscribers. In addition, she published a book about the Chinese new media ecosystem and lectures on Chinese online popular culture.

She is proficient in digital marketing, data analysis, and intercultural communication. She conducted a research project with Asia Future Institute under the theme of Covid-19’s impact on career setting for millennials in Korea and suggestions on Korea’s next-generation development direction. Furthermore, she devotes herself to investigating the media’s influence and educating people by sharing her knowledge.

YouTube: Heijin Lee

Kuaishou: 漂亮的惠真

Interviewers: Coline Kim, Rida Wang,

Author: Coline Kim, Rida Wang, Henry Chen, Hai Wei



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