How Madier, who loves incessant challenges, started her career in the media industry

Internship at Guanghua Management School of Peking University changed Madier’s life. Madier, a current new media operator for Weibo, started her master’s degree at Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication in September 2021.

Madier was born on Dec.25,1994 in Yuxi, Yunnan Province. She has enjoyed taking a picture, writing articles, and recording her life in many ways as a hobby.

While she spent most of her undergraduate studying English literature at Beijing Forestry University, her internship experience working as a new media operator for Peking University intrigued her in the new media field.

“I interviewed a few professors in Peking University and put their interview materials on Peking University’s MBA Program social account. I found new media and storytelling so interesting more than I expected,” Madier said.

Since she aspired to keep developing her career in the media industry, she got off to start as a new media operator at Weibo, the most prominent social media company in China, after graduation. Proven her ability, one of the Weibo accounts she managed reached more than 25 million subscribers this year.

However, as a hardworking and fast-paced person, she didn’t settle for the present. Instead, she made up her mind to devote more time and effort to understanding the emergent media industry, leading her to pursue a master’s degree at Tsinghua University. She strived to learn academic knowledge at school as well as take it into practice at work.

“This year, I have three goals that I desire to realize. First, I hope I can successfully finish and digest Tsinghua’s courses. Second, I would like to achieve remarkable progress in my master’s programs and my career as well. Lastly, as a person who engaged in the media industry, I will run my social media account more intensively,” Madier said.



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